Monday’s Musings

Hi Everyone……..I’m back. Firstly, let me start by saying I am sorry I have missed everything that you wrote and every picture you posted. I started trying to read everything I missed while I was away……but it is just too hard. So just assume I loved everything, as I follow you for a reason πŸ™‚ Same goes with Social Media……so many messages and comments I will try to get through them all, but most of the week was spent without any internet at all, so this week I will catch up where I can, and just let the rest fall by the wayside. If there is anything important, send me a new message.

So………we are back from our Outback Adventure; 2,490kms from Melbourne to Silverton and back. 16 Intredpid travellers, eight vehicles and one caravan. We picked up some part way through and lost others along the way……no one hurt or anything; just car problems or people just not continuing on. I have done these roads before as a child and tweenager, but most I can barely remember.

April is the perfect time to go, the rains from up North (currently QLD and Northern NSW are completely flooded) have not arrived, the days are much cooler (average 25C) and the nights not too cold (avg 12-15C). The roads are all open and they are in good condition. September is also a great time to visit the Outback, for similar reasons, although the rains have been and some roads may still be closed. In fact one year (many years ago) we did a similar trip, we were stuck in Broken Hill due to roads were all closed and flooded.

Outback Group Shot
Group shot taken in Broken Hill – 2 people missing

Apart from the caravan jack-knifing and damaging itself and the car, there were no other issues and the trip mostly went smoothly. The car and caravan met us and stayed in Broken Hill, they slowly limped back down to Mildura, however towing a caravan, this couple knew they could not keep up with the faster 4WD and cars in the rough terrain (some of the cars had to take things slowly as well), so this was always their plan. Some roads were great, but many were just dirt tracks


We saw many sunrises and sunsets, most very fabulous, some were average. We had a crescent moon, to start the week, so not much good for Astro Photography. We did see, but not capture shooting stars in Silverton.

So these images are just a tiny sample of some of the spots we visited; Maldon, Mildura, Broken Hill, Silverton, Mungo, Swan Hill and more. The images have not even been processed and we have already started discussing our trip for 2018, as this was such a huge success.

We came home a day early, hoping to beat a big storm front hitting Melbourne, but only just made it in time. Spent yesterday emptying the car, food shopping, laundry and just getting stuff organised. Back to work today, before a break for Easter. Hopefully I can get through a few photos before then. I will break the posts down for this trip day by day.

Til then, I hope you all have a fantastic week…