Five minutes @ – Saint Collins Place, Regular Random

I didn’t participant in last week’s Regular Random due to travelling; granted it’s hard, but someone has to do it πŸ˜›

Hopefully I can make up for it now. My Photoshop Artistry Group had a get together for Australian and New Zealand artists, our first. We spent our first day being escorted around the city streets of Melbourne, by two very informed and knowledgeable Melbournians. Now I have lived here most of my life, well in the SE Suburbs any way, but I have never been to some of the places we visited. One such place is Saint Collins Place. I only took my little point and shoot Olympus camera this day, so the photos are a little grainy and dark, but I am sure you will agree that this art installation is amazing.

I have not even done any artwork, these are pretty much SOOC. We were even stopped by Center Management to ask what we were doing, intrigued they asked for business cards and to see some of the images……… cool is that?

Oh and for those who might remember Desley and myself segment from a few weeks ago, there is another Doughnut Time in the city!


This one is in Degreaves Street and fairly quiet for a Friday Afternoon. For more information of Regular Random, please visit Desley’s Page.

~ Julz