Monday’s Musings

OK, my crazy month of April has finally come to an end…….it was a wonderful month full of travel, friendships and experiences beyond my wildest expectations. So Now I am back in the world of reality, work, family, housekeeping and Portrait shoots πŸ™‚ I loved every minute of April, but it did leave me exhausted. So time to find some stillness and catch my breath.

So I spent most of last week between editing images, catching up on housework and relaxing, the weather is really getting quite crisp and I feel Winter is coming soon ( as is the next Game of Thrones installment, but that’s another tale πŸ™‚ )

I spent Thursday and Friday evenings try to sort out the studio, I had dumped stuff everywhere from workshops and travel, my prop box needed to be sorted out as I had a Concept Shoot on Saturday with the wonderful Hayley. We wanted to work on some really different pieces, more emotive, but based on a similar theme. Hayley has a creative soul and enjoys doing things just a little different. So I wanted to delve into some styled shoots I have wanted to try but had not had the chance. It was a relaxed morning and and easy shoot, even the edit was not overly taxing.

JuliePowell_Silver Linings-1DSC_0965-Edit

I also went back to shooting portraits this month, because……….well hey gotta help pay the bills somehow right? I Had a lovely lady who wanted a fashion/glamour look in the studio. Hair and Makeup done by Dee Harding. Interesting shoot, I don’t do a lot of fashion but it is fun.

I also finally got around to playing with some still life, I had to let the ball drop on this one, as I had so much on with travel etc. So it was really nice to just play and breathe; my Still Life is my Zen, the ying to my dramatic yang as it were.


This weekend, coming up, I have another corporate shoot and a concept shoot, this time I am shooting with another photographer; so that should be fun. I am setting up some workshops for later this month and next month; Still Life and Conceptual Portraits………so that is time consuming, but will be exciting. I have also been doing a big clean up on my photographic catalogue. Sorting it all out, it’s such a mess, but now slowly getting under control. Finding lots of images I forgot I had, or which I had shot but not touched for a few years; and would love to re edit. Something for those cold wet, rainy days I don’t want to be out shooting πŸ™‚

So here is to a great week ahead & happy snapping…

~ Julz