An update on the Mahogany Ship

In December 2015 Moth and I drove The Great Ocean Road and did the Victorian Shipwreck Coast, I wrote numerous blog posts about all the stop; along with, all the lighthouses and shipwrecks. One such post I wrote was about the Mahogany Ship; which has been raised to near Urban Legend Status, with so many people claiming what it is or isn’t and where it may or may not be.

Just recently I have been contacted by a Mr. Rob Simpson, who believes that he and his associates may have actually found evidence of the existence of the ship and it’s remains. He first did a video on YouTube in his Quest for the Mahogany Ship. More recently they have been doing some more active searches in the area around Warrnambool and Tower Hill with scientific equipment to verify their findings. As yet nothing has been actually found, but early diagnosis seems positive, they have hopes of continuing their search when the weather improves. Going into Winter is not a pleasant time to be scouring this region.

Still it was very interesting to watch the video and read his latest achievements. You can read more about their latest endeavours here. I look forward to future explorations and perhaps finding what is under the hummocks of sand………is it in fact a shipwreck? Is it the long famed Mahogany Ship? I know sometimes a mystery is best left a mystery……..but when an opportunity offers hidden secrets it is fun to open them isn’t it? Just hope it’s not Pandora’s Box!

~ Julz