Monday’s Musings…

Isn’t funny how things that are planned can change in the blink of an eye, don’t panic nothing bad, just…….annoying.

All week I had been looking forward to my two shoots on Saturday and then my Workshop on Sunday. Last week was a bit of a stressful one and I was so looking forward to a bit of fun. The call came from Mel and Jess that Saturday afternoon needed to be postponed, that’s OK it meant we get a full day to play instead of just 1/2 a day… stay tuned on that one.

Then my shoot for a new model just never happened. I was all set up and ready to go, double checked and clarified everything with her a few days before. Spent Friday night and Saturday morning setting up for it all……..and then nothing. 10:00 am came and went; no message, no call, no text. I tried to contact her several times, but nothing. I still have not heard anything……….very strange. I wonder if she is OK? That’s my second no show from this particular Facebook group, I’m beginning to wonder if I should continue to use them?

So I had Saturday to my self, I played around and did a few images.


And spent the rest of the day setting up for my Dark and Moody Still Life Workshop # 1, phew what a name huh? What a blast, so much fun, these six students had been to my beginner workshop last year, so we did a bit more exotic and advanced stuff.


We have also been having a bit of a Movie marathon; I have been wanting to see the latest Resident Evil movie (I know I normally don’t go in for that type of movie, blood, guts, violence and zombies…can’t explain it, I adore Alice) Moth has not seen any of them, so we went back to the start. Currently seen the first four and are slowly working our way through. Gotta love a good chic flick that gets the guys in too!


I have stuff on this week, my new exhibit opens tomorrow night, unfortunately it was the cause of most of my stress last week, this exhibit is badly organised and lots of confusion and mixed messages, and no answers to inquiries about when where who etc. I just hope it is worth the time, money and effort. I have no heard whether any more of my Alice (In Wonderland not Resident Evil) have sold from my current BSG Exhibit which finishes this week, at least selling one was super exciting.

I have been awarded the Foto Art II (Facebook Group) banner of the day for my Kangaroo pic and also been told my another of my images will appear in July issue of Fine Eye Digital magazine, as well as a in June issue of Artists Downunder, which comes out in a few days.


I might take a few days of downtime, it’s been a busy few days. Don’t worry I have a few posts already scheduled for this week 🙂 Tieve Tara Gardens, some images for my new exhibit and a few other bits and pieces, oh and of course I will pop by everyone’s blog.

Have a great week…happy snapping

~ Julz