Autumn Outings – Tieve Tara Gardens, Mount Macedon

On a lovely sunny Autumn weekend, possibly the last for awhile,  we decided to head to up Mount Macedon. We had tried to visit here on our Outback Adventure, but random events meant driving on through, with a promise to return soon.

The Gardens “Tieve Tara”, nestled in the Macedon Ranges truly is a jewel in the crown; especially in Autumn. This is a spot I have been wanting to visit for quite a while, but there always seems to be some reason I could not. The Gardens are only open during Autumn and Spring. We were here I think, a week too late, most of the trees have suddenly lost their leaves in the cold snap of the week before, but there was still a fair bit of colour and of course all the fresh leaves on the ground.

Originally purchased in 1854 by W.  Christian and set up as an Orchard.  It has passed through several families and as been partially destroyed by bushfire on at least two occasions, the current owners purchased the property in 1995. The original gardens were laid by local landscapers Taylor and Sangster. The previous owners (Wade) built the now existing residences and extensively landscaped the former horse paddock into the bottom lake and conifer beds, as well as the cottage gardens.

The current owners extended the gardens even further, adding the second lake, the rose walk and arbours, Treasure Island children’s play area and the fountain and bog garden. The Gardens are located at 751 Mount Macedon Rd, Mount Macedon, VIC 3441, entry cost is AUD$10.00.

We spent a lovely few hours here in the Autumn sun and then we headed back into the township for a wonderful lunch at the Trading Post Cafe. After lunch we visited a few galleries and shops and then headed off to Hanging Rock, but I will leave that for another post.

~ Julz