Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

I must admit I am actually finding it difficult to focus on anything at the moment. You know when something BIG is about to happen, the suspense is building and you find that you can’t sit still? That is my plight at the moment, so much is just about to happen and I’m currently chained to my day job – frustrating and annoying.

Back to the main point of this Week’s Photo Challenge – Focus, So scrolling through my archives I had lots to choose from, but these two caught my eye. Both are intensely soft focused, with just enough detail in the subject to catch the eye. The Helmeted Honeyeater in the flowers has his eye and beak in sharp focus, the rest of his body soft and the background is intensely out of focus, the blossoms are just focused enough to tell what they are. (This piece is also digitally painted over the top adding to the soft feel)

Julie Powell_Helmeted Honeyeater-1DSC_1659

This second one is a really high F/stop possible F/2.8 – F/3.5 sorry, I do not have the Exif data on the image. I often work with a high F/Stop, giving a lovely dreamy background to my images.

~ Julz