In the Studio – Introducing Ally Xu

I believe in Karma and my Muse, so when Karma drops a model in my path and my Muse says “that’s her, that’s her” I have to say yes. It was pure bliss with Nikki a few weeks ago and then lighting hit with Miss Ally Xu. I met Ally online and we arranged a date, she is just getting started with modelling, but is very keen to learn, also has a love of theatrics and costumes…….and brought a whole heap with her. Oh, SO much fun.

I really had no idea of what we were shooting, so I was completely blind, feeling my way through with both no preconceived concept and a new model; just proves how much I have grown over the last year or so. No Doubts, and no hesitation I just jumped in. We played with levitation, some more epic Snow White, we even brought in the Creepy Man (Aka Moth), wonderfully epic cinematic costumes and lighting. We even tried a bit of light painting as well. This girl nailed the brooding evil villain, the strong proud warrior and even the sad little lost girl. I’m sure she would rock fashion as well, but conceptual shoots? Man she was great!

I am sure you will see more of her in the future too…

~ Julz