Winter Workshop #2 – For the Sweet tooth

I ran my first Winter Workshop with a dark and Moody theme a few weeks ago, so this time I went light and airy and instead of fruit and veg; it was cakes and candies, much to the delight of this group of six; five women and one gentlemen.

I set this workshop up with 4 work stations and groups of two, which moved from one workstation to the next and then we changed up the settings and props.

Table 1 – Light and Bright

Little white side table in front of diffused window light. Lollie (candies) in cocktail glasses, pastels and brights with backlighting. Little bowls full of yumminess, deconstructed Rocky Road (Chocolate, Marshmallows, popcorn)


Table 2 – High Tea

Large table across back wall, white backdrop and lots of umbrella lights and soft boxes. Timber mini backdrops and trays of cupcakes and biscuits, lollies and tea pots and cups and saucers. Human touch with people holding tea pots, cupcakes and handfuls of M&Ms. Chocolate Chip cookies and small bottles of milk.


Table 3 & 4 – The Play Tables

I called these two the play tables for lack of a better word, white perspex as the surface and/ or backdrop, and also a slightly darker component, and added a little country charm as well. We experimented with interesting shots; dripping frosting off beaters, macarons on white or black trays, brightly coloured liquid in mason jars, and shadow play.


Again we looked in-depth at placement and shooting angles, placement of light and how to expose properly in such bright, white environments. Making colours pop or subdued. What was the hero, and how to use varying F/ stops to your advantage. Cameras, even DSLR don’t like to work to your advantage in these overly bright situations and like with snow you actually have to over expose each image by about 1/3 to 1 stop to get correct exposure.

Behind the Scenes

As per usual, I did not get to take many photos, just a few before and after, as I spent most of my time teaching and helping people with camera settings and instruction on various styling and techniques. So much fun. I just love the looks of concentration on their faces. Everyone agreed it was the tastiest workshop they had been too, as they got to eat most of the food we shot!

~ Julz