In the Studio – with Claude Duse

I put a call out a little while ago for a new male model for some Tarot Shoots I wanted to get done, I wanted a new face, cannot use my poor Hubby for every shot. I had a gentleman by the name of Claude contact me and said he would be interested. At first I was unsure, in my mind I was thinking someone younger. But then my Muse tapped me on the shoulder, “I want him”, and I don’t like to argue with my Muse, as you know, she is usually right!


It was a cold, wet Winter’s morning, we met and settled into the studio with heaters roaring, I had four different shots or sets in mind and I honestly think we did them in record time. Even with set and prop changes, and minor wardrobe changes, light set-ups, we were all finished in less than two hours! Such a warm friendly soul and so helpful, and followed direction very well; but he has done quite a bit of Life Drawing modelling, so he was used to direction and sitting still for extended period of time.


Look at that face, so expressive, this guy has been round the block a time or two. So different from all the lovely girls I work with, but I did get to explore some scenarios which I had sitting in my journal.

The more I am working with these sorts of Conceptual Fine Art Portraits, the more I fall in love with this type of photography, I am honestly barely touching them in Photoshop, loving the whole cinematic feel; the colours the textures in camera.

~ Julz