Tuesday’s Textures – Kaizen, Month 10

I have been a little quiet on the Kaizen Project front, so many thing still in planning stage, however Month 10 we were asked to look inward, and create a piece based on our life’s journey, who inspired us, who supports us, and put our heart and soul into a piece.

This is a very symbolic piece of art to me, it is about my life’s journey, about how it all come to fruition three years ago; it was tiny steps at first, which has since snowballed. This image was one day of planning, one ten minute photo shoot (Model is mine, but wishes to remain anonymous), four days of extraction and editing………this is my Month 10 Project.

JuliePowell_Releasing my Creativity

Releasing my Creativity

“Releasing my Creativity”

For many years I felt my creative soul was caged and captive; by family, commitments, career, I did not ‘feel’ me and had not for many years. I don’t begrudge or regret any of it, it’s just something that happens a little at a time. You get married and have children; you become a wife, a mother, you often lose your sense of self, often putting others before your own wants and wishes. After many years and my children now adults, I eventually found myself at a crossroads and I felt that I had to put myself first; to live a truly artistic, peaceful, and content life. It was almost like a game of chess, one step forward, two steps back, move on the diagonal; all to protect the other pieces. I was at a Stalemate.

Eventually I had to decide to take a leap of faith, and walk steadfast and true into the unknown, with my head held high. I had to unleash those nervous butterflies and the voices in my head, the sing song tune telling me I was not and will never be good enough. Waves of doubt followed me, but I could see the glimmer of creative light calling to me and gently beckoning me forward.

In some ways this is the most symbolic piece of art I have done, everything about it is meaningful, if only to me.

~ Julz


9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Textures – Kaizen, Month 10

  1. Very well said. I commend you for finding your “true” self. I think as women we most times give all to everyone else and lose ourselves in the process. I agree with so much of what you said, I wouldn’t give us being a mom or wife for anything. However, it’s nice when we can once again find who we want to be and cultivate it. Your work is truly amazing and I always enjoy your interpretations.

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  2. Your story struck me, Julz. I started as an artistically inclined spirit until the responsibility of adulthood struck. I won’t go into the details. Then when I finally retired 4 years ago, life changed. As you said, ‘a glimmer of creative light was calling me’ that I had missed for decades and yearned for it to return. I’m free now to express myself which is a wondrous thing. Happiness at the end of days. ❤

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  3. I am in the midst of where you were before you broke free. Still raising teenagers, I can see how I will be better able to flourish when time allows after they are grown and on their own. Until then I do what I can in bits and pieces.

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