Winter Workshops #3 – Dark and Moody Fruit

I ran another Dark and Moody Fruit Still Life/ Food Photography shoot in the home studio, pretty much the same as last time, I had three workstations set up and similar ideas and fruit. Berries, Citrus and we also did some Light Sculpting to start with. I had even less time to shoot at this workshops as I have five newbies, who needed lots of help, both with their cameras and settings. I confess, I still get a little panicked when working with brands I am unfamiliar with; this workshop there was no Nikon, so I really had to fumble around (quite literally in the dark) and figure our settings on cameras I have no real idea how to use, however, the upshot is that I am starting to get quite good at figuring out what’s what.

So three hours of fun in the dark, well it was light and moody after all. I love showing them simple setups and perhaps discussing a few ideas, throwing in a suggestion here and there, and then watching them get quite creative as their confidence builds, some more than others. Some even had a go at some light sculpting on their own; so cool.

I was very naughty and forgot to take behind the scene images as well, so sorry about that. I have one more workshop, which is a special request for some VIP…more on that another time, and then on the 29th July Pixel Sisters Studio has it’s very first official workshop, so exciting.

~ Julz