In the Studio, with Ally Xu

I was fortunate to have the lovely Ally Xu back in the studio, and out of it as well, last week. We did a mid-week session and actually still had some daylight and it wasn’t too cold or wet, so we quickly ran up to the park and did a quick location shoot

I have been trying to be very good and get some behind the scenes footage from my Conceptual shoots, even if it’s just snippets for Instagram, everyone seems to enjoy them. Not to mention suitably impressed with the end result, and often surprised that where I am shooting is often not overly impressive, when compared to the final image.

For some reason, I cannot load it to WP, but you can view it on my Instagram Page

Julie Powell_Spring Beckons
Spring Beckons
Left Hanging, with a World turned upside down

hang OrigThis is another piece I created from the same afternoon shoot. This is the original photo taken at the park, as you can see not much left of the original background, but that was the point. This is another one of those pieces, in which I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve, the shoot for this only took about 2 minutes and was mostly about posing the hands and feet etc. It is a little provocative, in regards to the message conveyed….but honestly, I am sometimes left reeling after watching the news, there is so much awful, horrible things being done by people, through fear, anger, racial hatred and religious zeal. When will it all stop? So this I guess is sort of a silent protest. We are all one, are we not?

Not all my shoots are doom and gloom, but occasionally I use it to voice my thoughts and opinions. Sometimes Dark and Moody is just fun!

I have a few more images I am working on, but they may have to wait a little while before the reveal 🙂 .

~ Julz