Regular Random….Quail Eggs

I actually took these shots months ago and was planning to use them for Regular Random, but I don’t think I ever did. So I am using them now, as I honestly did not pick up the camera all weekend…….shocking I know!

Anyway, I was out shopping and came across these totally amazing quail eggs, so cute and small and colorful, and SO cheap. I had to take them home. I shot with them quite a few times after this session, I had every intention of cooking them up, but I placed them in the fridge and after a few sessions, I completely forgot about them. Unlike normal chicken eggs…..these little ones went moldy! Even though they had been washed and were not cracked at all….a little strange, but not worth cooking!

Check out what everyone else is doing for their Regular Random;

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • have fun!
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to this post

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~ Julz