Winter Workshops #4 – Dark and Moody Fruit

By far the most popular workshop I have run this year has been Dark and Moody Fruit. Dark and Moody are so in fashion right now, but to some, it seems unobtainable. In reality, it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. The other item on the agenda and quite popular is a brief lesson in Light Sculpting. I like to bring in different settings for each, as you don’t need four different groups ALL taking the same photos, however, my pewter tea service is still VERY popular and a standard.


Similar set up to previous workshops, three different tables, one extra dark with a snoot for small close up work and one for poor diffused natural light and the large table for all sorts of things and a big octagonal soft box.

As this was a smaller private session I actually got to play and take a few pics as well, plus some play before and after; during set up and take down.

Next weekend Pixel Sisters Studio has the very first Floral Fantasy Workshop, which has been almost sold out, so very exciting. It will be wonderful to work in a larger studio, mine is nice, but sometimes a little cramped.

~ Julz