Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction

I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing one of my conceptual portraits move from my imagination to a finished image on my computer. I spent hours, days, weeks even arranging and sourcing the right model, the props, how I want it poses, lit and so one, and that all pretty much happens in my head.


JuliePowell_Key to the Garden
The Key to the Secret Garden
The Fool
Snow White
Releasing my Creativity
Releasing my Creativity

I collect inspirational images, props and copious amounts of notes in my journals, with detailed sketches and dog-eared pages and post-its marking various pages for further thought or investigation.

Some images are captured in camera as is and required minimal clean-up; “The Fool” and “Snow White”, while other require hours and sometimes days to achieve the finished image I had seen in my mind’s eye. Often using elements that are almost impossible to capture in camera and belong to the world of Photoshop. Either way, once I ‘see’ the image, I know it is is and I get vast satisfaction out of it.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction

What gives you great satisfaction?

~ Julz