Monday Musings…

Well, the day finally arrived, Desley and I (aka Pixel Sisters Studio) had our very first workshop – Floral Fantasy, as you can see very well attended.


Here are just a few of the shots I managed to catch, I didn’t take that many as I was mostly busy helping everyone else. We split them into groups of two and we had four workstations; two macro with Desley and two Dark and Moody Still Life with me.

JuliePowell_Floral Fantasy-7

And then, of course, are the behind the scenes shots, mostly thanks to Desley

Apparently, I make a great plant stand as well, lol. It was such a fantastic day and every got some gorgeous photos. Many who came had never done macro or still life before and were keen to learn.

Between collecting all the flowers, set up and pack up, it was quite a long day, so I spent the evening practicing my impersonation of a couch potato 🙂

Sunday was the dress rehearsal (of sorts) and run through for next week’s Conceptual Portrait Workshop……….why oh why are they so close together…..a bit more break before the next one I think!

Then it is back to work. Hubby had his knee surgery last Wednesday, it was very successful and he is in a bit of pain, but recovering well.

So this week is all about getting ready for next Sunday’s Workshop, that is one I am really excited, but also quite nervous about, I have been teaching Still Life for over a year now, but have not done many Conceptual Portrait workshops. However, it is my favorite and my passion, so I am sure it will be amazing.

Well, that is all, for now, so much work to do. I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz