Tuesday’s Textures – Same, same but different

Now I am pretty sure I have featured this first image before, I am in fact quite proud of it, so simple yet profound at the same time. Some people found it depressing and others found the same image uplifting.


Left Hanging in a world turned upside down

I had a thought occur to me several days ago, for giving it a slightly different treatment. I have used the same floor (Roof in the first pic), but different background, added these gorgeous wings, some water, and goldfish. I then played around with adding material, making it look like it was floating and moving under water. This one also has a ‘lighter’ treatment and is not quite so dark. It is however exactly the same base photo of Ally Xu.



JuliePowell_Dreaming of Mermaids
Dreaming of Mermaids

So what do you think? Which do you prefer? How do they make you feel? I’d love to know…

~ Julz