Monday’s Musings

I’m dog tired, there I said it! Another weekend, another Workshop. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but three in three weeks is a bit much πŸ™‚ So I will keep today’s post short. This is just two of the images I took from the Workshop, however as I was busy teaching I did not get to take many pics at all, but I was very good and took lots of behind the scenes stuff, just have to put it all together, perhaps a job for later this week.

JuliePowell_Broken-1JuliePowell_The Mask-1

Apart from organizing the workshop, I did very little on the weekend, and this weekend coming up will be more of a social one, so that will be fun too.

Not much more left to say, have a great week and I will feature some more from the workshop shortly

~ Julz