Tuesday’s Textures – Helping Hands

While preparing for the Pixel Sisters Studio Conceptual Portrait Workshop, I created numerous test shots and scenarios to make sure everything would flow smoothly on the day. To say I do a LOT of preparation for my shoots and workshops is an understatement.

One particular shot which took my fancy recently which is one inspired by several different images by different artists and a smidgeon of The Addams Family TV show thrown in for good message.

Helping Hand

Granted possibly a little on the creepy side, but it was simple and fun to shoot and create in Photoshop. Obviously, it is a composite of several images, to be honest tying the dried roses onto my daughter’s hand with string took much longer than the actual shoot, comprised of three separate photos, plus the butterflies in the bottom one.

The funny thing is, we never actually ended up using this Concept during the workshop, as it was quite frantic on the day, my studio is quite small and having so many people in there meant space was at a premium, and even a little corner off to the side to shoot this, would have been quite difficult in the end. Still, it was fun to create for me.

~ Julz