Winter Workshops – Pixel Sisters Studio, Conceptual Fine Art Portraits

WOW, what a mouth full for a post title! But yes, only one week after our very first Floral Fantasy Workshop, the Pixel Sisters ran their first Conceptual Fine Art Portrait Workshop. To say Desley and I are a wee bit tired is a complete understatement. We do put a LOT of thought and effort into each and every workshop, as we really want to offer our participants the very best that we can.

It was another early start for me as Hair and Makeup started about 9:30 am on a Sunday Morning, so I had to be up and ready before then.

Yes, that is my kitchen/meals area. It is really weird how quickly you can get used to strange things. Twelve months ago, this would have been so strange, alien even to have my meals area converted into a hair and makeup salon, but these days no-one in my family even reacts to it, it is becoming quite normal to have a house full of wigs, makeup chairs, makeup and assorted clothing and props. Four hours of hair and makeup and my Wiz, Micaela had both the girls done. I am more than old enough to be their mothers, in fact, both of my daughters are older than the girls, age is not a consideration, it is a friendship formed on mutual respect and creative energy and talent. Each of us brings something amazing to the table and when we work together, my little team and I create pure MAGIC. Oh, and we have lots of laughs and giggles on the way.

Jess & Mel relaxing between takes

As much fun and silliness, we have on set, it’s all serious action when the camera is on, I was quite busy with all sorts of things (as was Desley, she is a wiz with camera settings) and neither of us got to take very many good camera shots (I took a lot of behind the scenes on my phone), but I did get a few……..I had to get some of Mel and the Broken Doll…..I mean seriously who can say no to that!That is also Mel in the mask

For some strange reason, I have very few shots of Jess, from the workshop. Oh well, I have lots of photos of Jess and we have another shoot coming up very shortly.

For more details and behind the scenes, workshop photos and finished edits, please visit the Pixel Sisters Studio blog post or the fun video on YouYube.

~ Julz