In the Studio – Messy chocolatey fun

I am working on creating a new Workshop for September, and as I often do I spend several hours in the studio, coming up with ideas. Frequently there is more mess than the below pic…..but believe me it got much messier than this! Not sure if you can tell by all the kitchen accessories and jars, but it is a chocolate themed shoot.


I like to make sure my ideas are easily achievable before I teach them in a workshop, no point going in and saying, ‘not sure if this will work, but let’s try it anyway’, sure that is brilliant if it works, but if it doesn’t…..too stressful to think about!

I learned a few things, chocolate and cream are much harder to work with than I thought they would be (I figured it would be difficult, but not this hard!) Trying to find the correct consistency for drizzling chocolate topping under lights, trying to swirl chocolate frosting and still hold it’s shape, and getting instant whipped cream not disintegrate under lights is quite the task. Cupcakes and muffins go quite hard and marshmallows go a bit gooey……, my camera, my studio, and my hair was a big mess by the end (I must have had stuff on my hands and brushed my hands through my hair…..aaaarrrrrrggg). However, I was quite happy with the end results.

Some of the images are fairly similar, but with slightly different angles or different processing. But I have something here to offer participants in our next workshop. Desley will be working some magic as well, so stay tuned, hopefully, we can have information posted shortly.

~ Julz