Brooke Shaden’s 15 Day Content Creation Challenge, Part 2

Last week I explained the current Brooke Shaden 15 Day Content Creation Challenge and shared five new pieces created for it, this week another five images. I must confess to feeling a little burnt out this week, it has been a busy few months, and to be honest possibly not the greatest time to jump in on a challenge like this, however, I find I get so much out of them. This week I am discovering a slight case of procrastination and lack of imagination; so instead of creating a whole new idea, I have been taking inspiration from other artists and older images of my own.

Day 6 – Beauty, challenge show your idea of beauty

The message I was trying to emphasize was that I felt beauty was pain and vain. High Heels are like daggers, and jewelry costs too much, I also used the skull to convey that beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty is pain

Day 7 – Time, Use a painting as inspiration

Time flies, Time is money, Tim is key, Time is fleeting, all used in the rather symbolic piece inspired by Salvador Dali, even the Raven is a symbol of good omens and knowledge (to some cultures).


Time Flies


Day 8 – Potential, using open space

Eggs that hatch and have the potential to turn into something else; a bird, a lizard, and snake a turtle. Can humans change too? A new life with new potential, to be more than what we started with.


A new Life


Day 9 – Curiosity, explore a new location

It is a big wide world with lots to explore. Who is this mystery woman walking through an open glade with the woods and new moon rising behind her? So much to explore, morning, noon and night.


JuliePowell_The Big Tree_Curiosity
The Big Tree

I also could not help myself and did this little bit of whimsy!


JuliePowell_Curiosity Killed the Cat
Curiosity killed the cat



Day 10 – Being Alive, use a rope or string

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The key to happiness is not letting the sands of time slip through your fingers. Unlock your potential and grasp your true happiness.


JuliePowell_Day 10_The Key to Happiness-1
The Key to Happiness

So that is where I will leave this for now, another five images next week. Which do you like most, and why?

~ Julz