Monday’s Musings

I truly do lead a blessed life, I try not to take it for granted, but occasionally I do slip and think it is just a simple ordinary life, I mean I work 9-5, I have a house and family to run, I do housework, food shopping, run errands, pay bills; just like like everyone else. Then there are the days I have to take stock and pinch myself that it is real, Saturday was one.


This is Talia and Eggy, you may remember Eggy the Barn Owl? He and I are old friends, from last year and I have created a few lovely images with him and yesterday’s Regular Random. Saturday I got to revisit Eggy and his lovely friends, fierce and majestic and totally awesome.


Martin and Cleo (Peregrine Falcon)

I was only marginally better with my in-flight photography, this time around; I did actually catch a few action shots, but mostly they were blurry and unusable. Once the birds stopped flying, that is when I swooped (pardon the pun)… I was happy to mostly watch the birds in flight, I did take some video, it was the posed shots I was after.

Sunday, well that was spent editing those gorgeous birds, plus putting the final touches on the latest Pixel Sisters Workshop with Desley. I also had some work of my own to do.

We also spent a thrilling amount of time, finally doing our tax return. Every year we seem to procrastinate when in all honesty it is not so bad, certainly more enjoyable than getting teeth pulled at the dentist, for instance…..if only marginally! 😛

I have another shoot with the stunning Jess Ami on Saturday, which should prove to be interesting, we are working with Kitt Karnage (Allison Nicole) who is doing hair and makeup and body paint ( from The Secret Garden shoot).

Not much else to say for the moment will post more bird images later in the week. I hope you all have a totally awesome week.

~ Julz