Emilio is kindly hosting this week’s Share Your World, I always love his posts, so I’m in for this week’s too!

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop? Numerous times, but usually just for a random breath analyzer (That could be just an Aussie thing I don’t know). My Hubby actually got pulled up the other week as we were driving home from a friend’s birthday. We had each been given a special Gluten Free Cupcake and Hubby had eaten his, I was sitting in the car holding mine, just had not gotten around to eating it yet.  Anyway, Hubby dutifully blew into the analyzer straw thingy (yes a technical term), when it displayed 0.0, I smiled sweetly at the very young Officer and asked: “Does he win the cupcake now?”, to which this guy (probably just joined the force) blink at me and said “Ummm sure I guess so”, we then drove off, giggling insanely like school children, the confused look on his face was priceless!

What have you always wanted?  Did you get it? They do say be careful what you wish for don’t they. There are lots of things on my wish list, one was an overseas holiday, which I got, to New Zealand. Now firstly, at the time I considered NZ just another Australian State (we are VERY close and I was not overly excited to go; at first). Having never been I just thought it would be no different than home. I had wanted the USA or Europe, but in the end, I was just happy with a holiday. I was so pleasantly wrong about NZ it is a whole other world, very Middle Earth and so very different from home. The whole trip was so amazing, I cannot wait to get back, however, life keeps getting in the way and my trip seems to be forever getting put on hold…one day I will be back!

What is your perfect pizza? Can’t say I haven’t met a pizza I didn’t like, I have, anything with anchovies, olives…no way! Vegemite pizza? Nutella and banana Pizza? No thanks. For me, I love a well made Margarita, but it has to be well made, not that store-bought frozen crap. Failing that a BBQ Meat Lovers is good too 🙂

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. On Saturday, a few photography friends and I drove out to meet the dedicated handlers at the Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary for a Birds of Prey Encounter. They take in sick and injured birds, heal them and release them back into the wild when they can. Animals that cannot be released back into the wild, must be euthanized by Victorian Laws. Such a shame, however birds rescued from interstate, can be kept with special licenses, how crazy is that? Anyway, the birds we saw are trained rescue birds from states in Australia (other than Victoria). The love and dedication these two handlers have for their birds are quite obvious and VERY inspirational. Just watching these gorgeous birds in flight and up close, was also inspiring.

Talia and Eggy
Martin and Cleo

I created a montage of images and video of the day, enjoy

~ Julz