Winter Outings – Bird Encounter Part 1

We finally managed to get out of the house, it feels like the first time in ages, but it was worth the wait (our initial date was postponed due to really bad weather). So we drove up to Garibaldi (outside of Ballarat) in Victoria on a cold, but a calm and clear day, the blue skies beckoned and we had some small fluffy white clouds, reminding us Spring is not far off. We met with Handlers Talia and Martin from Leigh Valley Hark and Owl Sanctuary. This is our second time shooting these fabulous birds of prey, all are rescue birds from within Australia.

We had Yarrum the Wedge Tailed Eagle, Pickles the Australian Hobby, Chloe a Peregrine Falcon, Jedda a Nankeen Kestrel, Thyriel the Little Eagle. We had a 90-minute free flight and information session, where we got to get very close to each of the birds and take numerous photos and or video. I attempted to shoot free flight, I did marginally better than last year, in that I actually got some birds in the frame, but again mostly blurry and unusable. That’s OK I tried again, but I was happy to watch and take some video. They are such glorious creatures to watch, so majestic.

We then took a quick break and then moved inside to the warmth and a hot cup of coffee, with our lunch. We then got to shoot with Eggy the Barn Owl and again with Chloe the Peregrine Falcon in front of backdrops and lighting we had brought with us (My photography group – VPC). This was what I had come for most, up close perfectly posed portrait shots, with the handlers in their period costumes. But I will leave that for next post…

I have also made a short video with footage and images on my Youtube channel.

~ Julz