Monday’s Musings

Can you believe Spring is in just a few short days? Where does the time go, as the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the tail end of Summer and heads into Autumn, we are just waking from our Winter Slumber and heading into Spring; wildflowers, warmth, sunshine and the hint of Summer to follow.

Last week was a hectic mix of prepping for Saturday’s Shoot, next weekends shoot, two days of Fine Art Nudes….but not straight studio shoots; it’s a little hard to explain, I’ll let some of the photos do the talking. Got lots of other things in the works as well.

Saturday spent the day with the always amazing Jess Ami and Hair and Makeup Artist Kitt Karnage for a Fantasy Fairy Floss Unicorn Flower Child shoot……sounds slightly crazy? Yep it was.

Kitt Karnage and Jess
Studio Session-026-Edit
Jess Ami

I am still going through the shots, but so much fun, completely ludicrous and whimsical and silly and girly and all that, just for the fun of it.

Sunday, was more awesomeness, Desley and I went out for lunch and a Pixel Sisters Studio planning session; sensational lunch, and good company, what more could you want?


This week, more planning and group chats and editing involved this week, as chaotic as it is, it is actually the really fun stuff. So much to do…will post more pics later in the week from the Fantasy Unicorn Shoot.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend

~ Julz