Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 2 – Write a List

Something seems to have gone a little screwy and I was not getting my emails? But thanks to a friend who is forwarding me hers I will get back on track!

Writing a list seems silly to me in a way, and I am not alone, judging by what others have written. Don’t get me wrong I write lists all the time, shopping lists, to-do lists, even camera angle and shot lists……but not as a story of writing prompt? Oh well here goes I guess, this is the suggested list;

  • Things I Like
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Things I Wish
  • Things You’re Good At

Things I like

  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • Travel
  • Exploration
  • Urbex (Urban Exploration of abandoned buildings)
  • Movies (Fantasy, Sci Fi)
  • Listening to music (currently listening to Ed Sheeran Divide)
  • Coffee

Things I’ve Learned

I started Blogging and Photography 3 years ago, it has been a crazy, fun filled hectic learning curve and I have loved every minute of it. I thought I wanted to write a travel blog and take travel pics. I still do…sort of. I have found that I have a passion and talent for Conceptual Portraits and Digital Art. I love it and it seems to love me.

I have learned that I can be brave when I need to be, I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. I have also learned that my inner sanctum is smaller than I thought it was. I have lots of acquaintances, friends, even, but close confident? Not so many, and honestly I do not mind.

I am learning patience…..slowly, but believe me, I have more than I used to. Perhaps that is just coming with age and wisdom? I have also learned the hard way that life is way too short, No Regrets! Life live and just Do It….they are more than just slogans.

Things I wish

Wishes? So Many, I wish I had started this journey earlier, but then perhaps I would not appreciate it as I do now? I wish I had more time to be creative, 24 hours in a day just doesn’t seem enough some days. I wish I could travel more, I wish I had better health, I wish I was younger and fitter……….oh wishes are for fishes. Deal with what you have 🙂

Things You’re Good At

I am an excellent digital artist a photoshop wizard, I am also quite a good graphic designer (My day job), I am quite good at writing technical documents (weird huh?). It turns out I am a good photographer, but the thing I really enjoy and have been told I am quite a good teacher. I love it, really do. I am also a really good organizer, I can organize the fun out of any event lol, especially holidays. I don’t believe in holidays where you fly to another country and then sit by a pool for a week… way! Explore, adventure awaits.

Well, I think I have rattled on long enough for one day…

~ Julz