Everyday Inspiration, Day 4 – A story in a single image

We were given 4 images to choose from and to pick one to write about what it conjures for us, or from us. I am the queen of single image story telling…well I would like to think so. This image is no different, really, although I didn’t take the photo. Instead of letting the picture tell the story, I have to write it out.

Even though her coat is blue, I can’t help but think about Little Red Riding Hood; a forest, alone. I think about the setting, what time of day is it, who is the woman, is she a character in a story, what is her backstory, is there some conflict within the image, how do the colors react to each other, is it cool or warm? Emotion, pose, drama, is there symbolism? So many things from a single image.

Little Blue

Wary of all the tales of her cousin, Little Red, she was most careful about entering the forest to visit Grandma. She lowers her hood, as she stands at the edge of the path, looking deep into the forest, “It doesn’t really look that scary”, she mused out loud. “It’s cool and calm and quiet”, too quiet, she thought, there were no birds singing, no insects noises, no animals scampering, just the sighing of the wind and the rustle of the bushes. Creepy, damn creepy, a cold shiver ran up her spine, why on earth does Grandma have to live in a damn forest anyway? Seriously, she would be much safer if she moved into town, where everyone could visit her and help look after things. Grandmas health was not great before the whole wolf debacle and now she is even worse. So instead of being nice and safe and close, Little Blue and Little Red had to come visit all the time, no one else ever bothered. She sometimes wondered why she did, it’s not like she was the sweet old lady in the fairy stories. Mean and cranky, was old Gran, very mean and cranky!

Little Blue, feeling a little melancholy in her own little world, looking out over the scene before her, if only it wasn’t quite so quiet, dark and gloomy, she thought,  “A few Spring wild flowers would make it seem more welcoming” she mused to herself. At least this close to the path, the trees were mere saplings, surely nothing can hide behind a sapling, but further back the trees were as wide as she was tall, or even bigger. Enough to hide a wolf, or worse. “What is worse than the wolf?”, she thought, well at least he got what was coming to him, the Wood Cutter saw to that. She wasn’t overly fond of the Wood Cutter either, sure he saved Little Red and Grandma, but Blue thought he had his own evil intentions. Actually, it was part of the reason she was going to check on Grandma today, she didn’t trust the Wood Cutter. She was a worry wort, her Mother always told her that. She was often taken to worrying about things she shouldn’t and was a melancholy child, hence her fondness for the color blue.

A cold wind suddenly sprang up, rustling her hair and her coat, reminding her that she shouldn’t just stand there at the edge of the path, she picked up the basket, that sat beside her on the ground and headed off once again towards Grandmas…but taking the longer, safer route. Little Blue never even realized the sighing through the trees was more than just the wind, and it wasn’t just the breeze causing the nearby bushes to rustle and move.

She never saw the wood cutter who had laid hidden in a bush amongst the saplings on the edge of the woods. His hand pressed over the girl’s mouth he had ambushed not long before Little Blue had walked up and disturbed his dastardly doings. Damn that whole meddling family he thought, one day he would get one of them alone. He almost had Little Red last time, but that damn Wolf had to be sorted out once and for all, that in itself had satiated his blood lust for a time. But not for long, never for long. This whole forest was growing on a carpet of bones, not just from the animals who no longer inhabit the area, but from aimless travelers, or curious adventurers.

~ Julz