Everyday Inspiration, Day 6 – Where do I write?

Where do I write, most often it is at my office desk, between work commitments and reports, I sneak in a post or two, here and there. But my favorite spot is my home office. I am not one for writing in the park or the beach or at a coffee shop (unless it is a planning session with another photographer).


It’s a little dark and moody, not light and bright, it’s not pretty, but it is comfortable and very cozy. I have everything at my finger tips and the coffee machine is only a few feet away 🙂

I have two monitors, I can be writing or creating art on one while, catching up on social media, watching tutorials or even chatting to a friend on the other, very handy. I have my speakers to play my music, I am invariably listening to music, I love to listen to music while I work. I also have headphones if it is too noisy or too much is going on.

To be honest, until I started this writing challenge most of the stuff I wrote was just snippets of story telling to go with my images, so most of my time is spent creating images. I am trying to write more, hopefully, it is improving. I prefer fiction stories to factual (like this post), I find factual stuff can be slightly dull and boring – well I feel mine is. With fiction, I at least feel I can get my imagination involved.

Of late, due to being so ridiculously busy I have written a few things on my phone. Not something I really enjoy so much, but I have found it is a good time to catch up on writing, whether it’s for my journal, a post or stories. I actually wrote the Little Blue story in the car on the way to a short the other morning. It was a long, boring 2.5-hour drive, so why not! When I m traveling I generally prefer to look at the sights, but this trip it was wet and cold and gray and nothing much to really see.

Something else I like to do on the run is my journal, I have a little leather bound journal that I tend to carry with me. It is dog-eared and worn by the time I fill it, but I love them; I bought several and am slowly working my way through them. I write down ideas for shoots and images, sets to create, props to look for, styles and images I would like to study further, quotes and poems I have read or heard. Ideas for themes I would one day like to photograph. Even new flowers to source, that I liked but have not photographed before. I guess it is like Bullet Journaling, but with little diagrams and scraps of paper often tucked away.

My last, but not least I have of late taken to using Microsoft OneNote..I have it linked to my PC, Tablet, Laptop, and Phone so I can always pick up where I left off, or save information away securely with a password. I have found it quite handy. I know there are other Apps and Programs, this is just one that works for me.

Where do you write and on what?

~ Julz