Manic Mondays…

It seems that Spring has Sprung and so has everything in my calendar! This weekend was taken up with two incredible shoots, firstly on Saturday with Skye-Marie… oh my what a shoot. Myself, Moth and Desley Jane and Suzanne had a private Fine Art Nude Shoot at the Studio Desley and I have been using for our workshops, great space, lots of room, excellent facilities etc, etc. Skye was gorgeous and exotic and just had ‘that’ look…I can’t really explain it, but I know IT when I see IT.


I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many photos to go through but will do a separate post for sure. Such a relaxed and fun day, the creativity was almost electric.

Then just because Saturday was not enough, Moth and I drove to another friends Studio in Ballarat for yet another Fine Art Nude with Chey Anne and a few other photographers, artist friends; Earth Mother, Fairy Queen, and Steampunk in the one shoot…..what a morning

We then went and had lunch and did a touch of Antique shopping I was VERY good, I replaced a lantern, as I had broken mine and needed a new one and a wooden scotch box for $5.00….great for Still Life I think, no time to shoot that as yet.

So for the next few days, I guess I will be editing, again. But will have some fabulous pics soon, I promise. Actually, it was really nice to get back into the studio for some actual photography, sounds silly I know, but I have been doing lots of Conceptual Stuff, it was nice to spend the whole weekend, with no plans and just create in the moment.

~ Julz