Everday Inspiration, Day 7 – Inspired by Social Media, aka I know Nothing

Social Media is everywhere isn’t it, it feels like you are constantly plugged in, I know it is a running joke (sad but true), when I turn the data on my phone on first thing in the morning, I need to mute the sound as for a full five minutes it is constantly making noise for all the notifications and messages that came in overnight. I cannot even use my phone until the constant stream comes through. What a world it is to be constantly connected. So why not use it to create?

EJ Koh (@thisisEJKoh) stated on Twitter “You study, study study and at the end of it all you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all”

Wise words and so very true, when we are young we think we know everything, I think that is our failing, we have been to school and are educated, however in truth we know very little. I have found the older and wiser we get, we let that mantle drop and admit the truth, that we, in fact, know very little. For all my life’s experience and adventures, the more I learn, the more I realize that there is still to learn. And that is Fantastic! I didn’t always like school, but perhaps that was a form of rebellion? Some subjects I adored, and others it was the teacher, I have found a great teacher and a subject you enjoy is an amazing combination and can open and expand your mind, more than it is something you have no interest in. For instance, English, History, and Art were more often than not a joy for me, I did have one history teacher who made a particular class painful, but overall I enjoyed them, I guess it set the stage for later life endeavors. Maths, Science, Economics, and Sport, on the other hand, were a trial and something I detested, to a degree I still do. Funnily I adore watching Science Fiction – perhaps it is the imaginative fiction part I like?

I have gone back to school or done further study from time to time over the years, I have always enjoyed it. Learning something new, stimulates my brain, perhaps even helps keep me young. I have a thirst for knowledge, I love to discover and learn new techniques with my photography and my digital art. I love to travel and I enjoy learning all about the areas we travel to, the history (and culture) of other Towns, Cities, States, and Countries. I have traveled in my own home state more in the last three years than in a very long time, places I have never been, or can’t remember. I have learned through photography to look at everything with fresh eyes and a new perspective, things I may never have noticed before are now so obvious and fascinating.

Something else I have discovered is that I really enjoy teaching, I have a wide knowledge base and enjoy sharing and teaching what I know. I love the give and take, especially with people roughly my own age, who also know they do not know it all and thrive on learning as much as I do. I learn so much from them, in some instances, even though they do not know it, I think I learn far more from them in one session than I have possibly taught them. I am often inspired by someone else’s enthusiasm for an idea, and a direction I had not considered taking. I love running a workshop, where I can actually take a step back and watch others completely consumed with inspiration take over, it truly is a joy to spark that creativity. I love to work with other photographers on a project as well, for the same reason, we feed off each others creativity and inspiration, fuel each other on to achieve more than I possibly could have on my own. True, sometimes I just want to work on a project myself, as I have such vision for it, I do not want outside interactions and that is fine too.

I have learned so much in my fifty years on this planet, but the one thing, possibly the most important thing I have learned, is that I do not know it all. I think that once we grasp that one common truth, that is when we can truly begin to learn. Some people think they know it all or only believe that their knowledge is absolute truth, how can we all hope to live a truly peaceful cohabitation if we cannot see there is more to life and humanity out there than we can possibly understand at any single point in time. Science and Medicine know this at the very core, they yearn to make new discoveries and create new ideas. Things that are in existence today, that would never have been if humankind did not yearn for knowledge and expand on it. Even the post I am writing now would not have been possible when I was born.

So in truth, I am proud to accept the premise, that I know very little, I am proud to acknowledge that there is far more out there to learn, and I for one am excited to learn a little bit more each and every day…I feel that learning is actually a wonderful experience and I am a better person for it.

~ Julz