Everyday Inspiration, Day 8 – Write a letter

Write a letter, an old-fashioned letter is today’s prompt. I’m blank, truly and honestly blank. So I used that as my inspiration…

“Dear Brain,

Please wake up, as much as I want to create pretty pictures, and let’s face it Muse covers most of that part off, I also want to write. Not just scratching on a bit of paper in my journal, but actual stories, albeit short. Cannot see you producing an epic novel, just at this point. I know you don’t have the patience or stamina to hold a thought for that long. Let’s face it, You can’t even remember what you walked in the kitchen for?

Perhaps if you stop racing at a million miles per hour and calmly concentrate on one single thing, the words may start to flow? I was once told that if you write things down in your journal, you don’t have to remember them, kind of like that memory bowl from Harry Potter..where Dumbledore stored his memories for later reflection. That just does not seem to work with you, does it? I mean I write down copious notes, more than I ever have time to actually create the ideas, but they don’t always help, a million more just take up residence. I have ideas for images and stories, but I cannot seem to make those stories take to paper, so to speak.

They say free writing, like this is the way to go, but I find myself often just staring at a cursor on a blank screen. Why is it the only time you are empty is when it comes to writing? It was the same in High School, I would study, and study and study, I knew a subject 100% but then as soon as I sat for an exam, you were completely empty…a blank slate. All those hours wasted. Of course, you remember everything five minutes after the exam has ended!

Your other enlightened quality is making me look like a complete fool in front of a crowd. If I am teaching people, in a large or small group, that is fine, you forget about the stage panic, but if they all stop and stand in front of me to listen to a speech, or if I have to give a speech…you go blank and I just ramble. Oh My, our Daughter’s 21st Birthday speech, the horror, thankfully it was in front of friends and loved ones. I have to sit on a panel and give a presentation next year, gee I hope I can read of a prompter or notes or something, I may never get invited back!

With age you seem to be getting soft and squishy (like other parts of my body), but I need you the most, I think I can survive without hearing, let’s face it the hips and knees are mostly useless at the best of times, but I rely on you too much. I mentally work out all the time, or is it that I work out too much, do I need to empty my mind and void all thought while sitting in front of the TV like a couch potato? Even then, you have a habit of sneaking off and thinking wild thoughts, that have absolutely nothing to do with the show you are attempting to watch. Unless it is completely captivating, you just wander off and do other things to amuse yourself, like an errant child, not doing chores.

You cannot remember simple things, like where are my glasses, my keys, that really important document. Yet you can remember ridiculous things that have no relevance. I must admit you are getting slow at remembering every actors name and what movies they have been in. That, you used to be lightning fast at, if it was the only category in Trivial Pursuit, you could have won every game hands down. I mean honestly what is the point, those facts will never cause lasting world peace or cure cancer?

So basically, what I am trying to say is please, get your act together and help me create something wonderful, if even for a few short moments, at least until I can remember WHERE I put my glasses and car keys!


Julz, xo

I think that is as good as it gets today…I am sure that there are many out there who can relate, how do you calm and train your brain?

~ Julz