Everyday Inspiration: Day 11 – virtual coffee date

If we were having coffee right now…

We would most likely be still complaining about how cold it has been and why hasn’t the warmer weather appeared, Spring started over a week ago. And then warm our hands on the mugs of freshly brewed coffee. Talk of plans for the weekend and an upcoming birthday. 50….where did the time go, no I am not having a party, the thought of all that organizing and cleaning and running around, I seriously just could not be bothered. I would rather just go to dinner with a few selected friends.

Work – Both paid and hobbyist kind; the good, the bad, the ugly. Work ‘work’ can be such a pain, but hobbies and other interests are more often than not, a lot of fun. So many of my friends are either as addicted as me, or keenly interested in what I have been up to.

Of course, there would be inquiries and discussions on the health and welfare of various family members; parents, children, fur babies and possibly even siblings. Who is doing what, of suffering from a particular ailment, travel plans, empty nests?

That would also quickly lead to talk of other exciting travel plans, I myself am going to Bali in a month, I should be more excited than I really am, cannot put my finger on it. It was not my chosen location, but a beautiful tropical island, how bad could it be? Apart from being full of drunk randy young Australian’s making a raucous and giving the rest of us a bad name. Plan on staying away from the really touristy areas. I will then lament, the health issues and the infamous Bali Belly, as if I don’t have enough problems with me Moth and food! I will then diligently listen to your plans as well, making the odd inquiry as to where, when and with who.

Sometimes we just sit and talk about nothing in particular, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or whatever (we are hopelessly behind). Sometimes we just sit and enjoy each other’s company and watch the world go by. Sometimes, sadly, we are not even in the same room, state or country; but the internet is a joy? It makes a large planet seem a little smaller.

Sometimes we are good and just have the one, and sometimes we are naughty and have two with a slice of cake, a cupcake or other delicious treat. And yet, other times we have long working lunches, either way, I am glad I got to share my coffee with you. xo

~ Julz, xo