Monday Musings…

Well, I officially turned 50 on Saturday, no fanfare, no party, I decided that was not what I wanted. I spent the day mostly at home, with family. We did go shopping and bought my new Mirrorless Camera. A new camera? Yes I have just had to have cortisone shots in my shoulder, which I suspect is partially due to forever lugging around all my heavy Nikon Camera gear, I have been wanting for awhile to go mirrorless and yesterday I finally made the jump. It’s scary and a little frustrating, I cannot seem to get everything working how I would like it. But after a few hours, I was starting to see some results

Can’t say I hate it, but so far it’s a little hit and miss, just need to work with it. Still, I don’t think the Nikon is about to be retired just yet.

So back to other things. I had a lovely dinner out with family and friends on Saturday night, followed by cupcakes (and of course the mandatory embarrassment of everyone singing me Happy Birthday), more alcohol, and then we played Cards Against Humanity; have you ever played it? Oh My! So funny, quite rude, very un PC and quite shameful, I have not laughed so much in a long time. Check your morals at the door and bring a wicked sense of humor.

Not much else to say really, I had a lovely birthday and got a lot of well wishes and messages from friends all over the world. I hope I responded to everyone if missed yours…….thank you! xo

I just hope all my friends in Hurricane Irma’s path are all safe and sound and it is over soon. Stay safe my friends and have an enjoyable week.

~ Julz, xo

P.S. Are they my birthday Roses? Yes of course they are 🙂