Everyday Inspiration: Day 14 – Re Create a Single Day.

There are so many days I could re create, some good some bad, they are probably more interesting to read for other, but I just bring myself to write about some of them. Death, murder, intrigue. I spoke of betrayal and infidelity the other day, but today I would prefer to write about something else. I have written before, but let’s see if see if I can do better, perhaps even add a little creative license.


A warm gentle breeze blew the curtains, it was still early morning and the heat and humidity of the day had yet to arrive. I stirred in the cool sheets, where the heady tropical scents mingled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread. Stretching my muscles, luxuriating in the early morning, that feeling that anything was possible. I rose and walked from our room to the pool for an early morning dip, warm tropical water, glistening against my skin, the tangy salt like diamonds in the early morning sun, just starting to touch the side of the pool. I merged and walked to the water’s edge to sit and drink my coffee and fresh warm toast the butter and jam just gently dripping over my fingers.

Today, was just a day for relaxation, sights, and sounds and smells. After breakfast, I showered and dressed and headed to the Sunday Markets, the raucous sounds of a market are almost universal, stall holders calling out their wares, meats, bread, fresh fish, mixed with bric-a-brac and housewares. There were arts and crafts of so many types. Children played and laughed and ran in between the throng of people just meandering through the make shift streets. The day was just starting to get warm in this tropical paradise, the crowd, and noise and cooking all adding to the cacophony of sights and sounds and smells. We bought a coffee and we walked down to the beach to walk along the edge and let the markets sounds fall to a whisper, behind us. The waves lapped and tickled my feet, the water warm and inviting, the sand was still cool in the shadows where the palm tree fronds sheltered against the rising sun. In the distance, the sun glinted off the waves and gulls could be heard in the sky.

Eventually, we made our way back into town, headed to our favourite cafe for lunch, we sat on the balcony and watched the holiday crowds moving to and fro. Lazy Sunday’s were made for people watching. We sat in comfortable silence, we often do, just enjoying each other’s company. The noise and smells emanating from the kitchen, the expectation of our food, was worth the wait. A concoction of avocado, mangoes, with bacon on toast, a mix of breakfast and lunch, fresh tropical juices and more freshly brewed coffee. We took out time, ate and watched the crowds, no hurry in our thoughts.

Eventually, we made our to our afternoon treat, as if the morning had not been enough, we followed up with a luxurious hot stone massage. The smell of essential oils, the warmth radiating from the stones along my spine, the hands ably rubbing and soothing aching muscles from long hikes the day before. Soft pan pipe music playing in the background, the sound of wind chimes gently moving in the errant tropical breeze, all soon had me dozing on the table. Laying naked under a towel with a complete stranger running their hands across my skin…I didn’t have a care in the world. All too soon, I was gently woken as my masseur whispered my name, calling me out of my gentle slumber.

We slowly walked back to our hotel room, that warm fuzzy feeling from an afternoon siesta and massage still with us. The heat humidity of the day had reached its crescendo, little waves and ripples of heat could be seen rising from the streets, little mirages in the distance. It was not far to walk, but the tropical heat had sweat dripping down my back, by the time we got to our room. With time to do as we pleased we opted for a refreshing swim in the pool, just off our room, there were deep shadows offer succor from the heat and bright sunlight on the edges. We frolicked and played in the cool refreshing waters, awakening our minds and bodies, like washing away of sleep and tiredness. Relaxed and awakened as we were, we again showered and dressed and headed back along to the harbor, our day still not finished.

As late afternoon settled into our paradise, it cooled slightly as we neared the harbor. Our vessel stood glinting in the sunlight, pure dazzling white, with bright accents of blue. Tall sails whipping gently in the tropical breezes. We were joyfully met by our cabin crew for this sunset cruise through the Whitsunday Bay, alongside dolphins and sea birds. Handed champagne and canapes we lucky few sat in the nets, the bow of leaned on the rails, as our Corsair glided through sparkling waves, steered by our trusty captain. I sat and breathed in the sights, the sounds the smells, the last rays of the sun warm on my skin, the salt tropical breezes rustling my hair. We sat and watched as the sun lowered in the sky, glowing in so many variants of orange and gold and reds, beams of light reaching as far as the eye could see, hitting light wispy clouds and creating a cacophony of light and color, impossible color, like a child’s drawing, but so real and magical. Sitting there, I have never felt so free, so relaxed, so calm and at one with myself…this was my true bliss.

~ Julz