Everyday Inspiration: Day 15 – Take a Cue

“Remember when we asked you to collect post suggestions from your readers? Write today’s post based on one of these ideas. If possible, mention the person who gave you the idea and link to their blog.”

I know I just hit 50, but am I already slipping into my dotage? I honestly don’t remember asking for ideas. Well, I don’t remember asking and honestly, I don’t think anyone responded…if you did, I am so sorry I really can’t remember. So I decided to visit the WordPress Blog Page………a fat lot of good, none of those topics inspired me. Well maybe the J.R.R. Tolkien, but it was such a depressing part of the movie. But I guess I need to pick one.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagan

This probably hits my Sci-Fi nerd/geek bone better. I actually think it is true, we can barely save our own planet, and know so little about it, I mean seriously, discoveries are made every day (at least every week), so the possibility of there being more out THERE, really can’t be that far fetched, can it?

Are we really so egotistical, that we think we are the ONLY lifeforms in existence? Sure we had some dumb luck in the mutation pool, but I would like to think the universe has some grand plan; even if it is as Lab rats for Mice (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy), in some giant all knowing computing or some cosmic game of snooker/ billiards (MIB). Even The Matrix, kind of made sense, in a twisted depressing way. I occasionally feel I have no control over my life, that someone else is pulling the strings.

Perhaps I have watched far too much TV, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and so much more, I would like to think we are not alone. Perhaps somewhere out there, there is a three eyed, green skinned, lizard like lady looking at the same stars as me, wondering the same thoughts?

What about alternate realities, Sliding Doors, and Mirror Worlds? I know people have some pretty wild imaginations, but where does it all come from, what was the seed? Is there a partial truth to any of it? Sure science fact can explain away lots of weird and wacky things, but what about science fiction? Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek paved the way for so many inventions, that was fiction in the 60’s & the 70’s; communicators, scanners, tablets, automatic doors, advanced robotics and computers, lasers and tasers. What is next?

Perhaps Carl Sagan was talking closer to home, learning some honest home truths about yourself can be eye opening and wondrous, and often a little scary. I have grown and learned a lot about myself in the last few years. I often surprise myself, at how far I have come. I encourage others to look inside themselves, forgive if required and become friends with yourself. It is harder to do than people give you credit for, some people say they are perfectly comfortable with themselves but are they really? Have they looked deep into their own psyche, to see what makes them tick, what unravels them, what makes them truly happy and what grinds their gears to a halt? Then, having done that, comes to terms with the truth?

They say “Truth is stranger than fiction”, but is it? I find that the truth turns out to be a little dull, and often boring. I spend a great deal of time in a fantasy world of my own devising; it is lavish and opulent, a little dark and lots of fun. My images and stories are not real, they are not the truth. They are a perception of the world, as seen from the outside, fragments if you will from stories I have heard; some naughty, some nice, some dark and mysterious and some light and pretty…still they are all wondrous. Perhaps I am getting ready, just waiting for something incredible to happen, maybe, just maybe I will be there to capture it happen.

~ Julz