Everyday Inspiration: Day 18 – A Series of Anecdotes…behind the scenes

You see, it all started with this idea…

Well, they all did. Usually, some hair brained, crazy idea for a photo shoot. My Shoots are pretty much always loads of fun, so I never have problems getting someone to work with; models, other photographers, even hair and makeup artists. All are perfectly happy to jump on board what ever crazy idea I come up with. So I thought it might be fun to anecdotally share the basic idea and some behind the scenes photos of a few of my recent shoots. I more often than not, look for something just a little…different.

Aerial Hoop, Fine Art Nude with Skye

What could possibly go wrong? I seem to have a knack for picking models who have that ”special something”. Skye was one of them, bright red dreadlocks, piercings, tatts, and exotic look and those killer eyes. Her image crossed my desk, I knew instantly there would be a connection. I saw in her profile she did Fine Art Nude, Boho, Pole Dancing and Aerial Hoop, seriously HOW could I not jump at that? I showed my Hubby, I showed a few friends, we booked a studio, we booked Skye and I even hired an aerial hoop. Even Skye was excited, Fine Art Nude on an Aerial Hoop? Magic was made that day. You can see the pics here

Broken Dolls, with Mel and Jess

I met Mel through Jess, but Jess was another find, I met her early in her career and mine, but I knew there was something there, a special contact. I kept her details and eventually (when I worked up the courage) I asked her to shoot for me again, and again and again, and again. The shoots that Jess and I have done, some with Mel and some not, have been amongst mine and her favourites and near legendary status (can I even say that?); Alice, Boho Forest Fairies, Glam B&W Hollywood Horror, as well as our Unicorn shoot and Tarot work. Broken Dolls was a fun funky day where I taught a workshop with Desley. We wanted something a little different, but easy to set up and manage, I was completely looking for something else, when I came across some images of these Broken Dolls and I knew it would be perfect for Mel. My HMUA jumped at the chance to do something funky and she did a brilliant job. You can see more images from the shoot here


The Secret Garden with Jayde

Jayde was the exception to my rule, I did not know her and had never met her or even seen a photo of her until she arrived on my door step. My Hair and Makeup lady for the day I had only chatted with online. I had arranged an elaborate concept of flowers, flowers everywhere, including body paint on my model, long flowing dresses, and tresses of hair, pretty flowers everywhere. I had recently read, or seen or heard something about the Book/Movie The Secret Garden, so I think that sort of sparked this shoot, almost story like the Secret Garden/ Narnia, but no real Narnia creatures, if that even makes sense. Jayde had no real idea of how I worked but took direction great, it wasn;t long before we had some really interesting and unique shots. More images can be seen here

This is about where the behind the scenes shots end…of course I have load more studio shoots, but I was not very good at also shooting behind the scenes, this is something I have really been working on the last few months.

~ Julz