The Sweetest Thing…

I wrote a post the other day and had this response from Brenda at a Meditative Journey with Saldage, I think it is possibly the sweetest thing anyway has said to me in years

I once read an article that explored how fairy tales help humankind survive childhood. After I pondered this for a bit with some reflection of my own childhood, I found value in this perspective. With this said, I find your sharing of your creative and imaginative work as a gift…a gift that opens windows of unique beauty and aweness that is an antidote to the darkness of these times…a way of helping me escape to a realm of beauty which feeds my soul. Thank you for the work you do, your investment of creative inspiration, time, and resources, and especially for your sharing. For if you did not share….my world be more depressingly gray.

It put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. You honestly have no idea how much something like that means. It made me realise that even amongst all the horrible things people do, there are still some good and VERY nice people around.

So, please dear Brenda I hope you enjoy this image as well, Spring Magnolia


JuliePowell_Spring Magnolia-1
Spring Magnolia

I hope it puts a little light and colour in your day…

~ Julz, xo