Everyday Inspiration – Day 19

Day 19 and WP Uni suggest featuring a guest, not really my thing. I have featured a few photographers a while back, but I often found it a little unnerving. So instead I thought I would feature the blogs of some of my friends who ALSO did the 20 day writing challenge;

Mara Eastern

Lovely, witty, acerbic commentary on the world, and funny, very funny.

Desleyjane at Musings of a frequently flying scientist

The Queen of Macro photography; gorgeous, colorful, up close and personal, planner girl, self-proclaimed addict to all thing pens and paper. The flip side to this is the horror stories she pens that bring a shiver down your spine!

Lucile de Godoy

Recently back from the land of the living, Lucile always has something interesting to say on virtually any topic she puts her mind to.

So visit them or not, but I find these three ladies, in particular, a great source of laughter, inspiration, and thought-provoking insights into the world around us.

~ Julz