Everyday Inspiration – Day 20 – Wrap it up

Well, I made it, I think I probably half-assed my way through some of the topics, I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’, whatever that really means? I was expecting more short story prompts, but I found I tended towards more blogging or editorial/journalism style posts, not my thing at all.

Perhaps it was my take away from them that was wrong. I really only wrote one short story, Little Blue, and perhaps that is my fault. I tend to be too literal when it comes to challenges. I wonder if it’s like being at school, when I get put on the spot, I panic and just write about the first dumbass thing that comes to mind. I hear the clock ticking and think I have to write something, Now! I should just let things sit, mull them over in my mind and come back to PC when I have formulated at least an idea if not a plan. This verbal crap, that I often write serves no real purpose than to free my mind of some hidden clutter, that only seems to surface when I am free writing.

I guess there is nothing wrong with unburdening myself with free writing; cleaning the cobwebs, uncluttering the attic so to speak. I just feel I wanted to write more. So why didn’t I? Lazy, not really committed? I thought I wanted to take on this challenge when I started, but I soon fizzled out. I do that sometimes, with these silly online challenges, I lose focus and fizzle out, but I am committed to seeing something through, so I drag myself kicking and screaming and more often than not, not really happy with what I have done. It’s weird, it’s not like it’s a test or exam, who cares if I don’t write every day, who cares what I even write about (well most of the time). This 20-day challenge does not define me, my style, my thoughts or attitudes. It was just something fun to do, it just did not quite live up to my expectations. That’s life, right?

~ Julz