Share your World – 19th September 2017

It’s Tuesday, and that means Share You World, Cee is back this week with another selection of questions…

Complete this sentence: I want to learn more about …at the moment it is my new camera. [WARNING! Tech Talk] Jumping from a cropped sensor DSLR to a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera is a big change, even jumping brands from Nikon to Sony is a huge learning curve. Thank goodness for Google and the Internet.

The other thing I really want to learn is creative lighting in the studio, I have been doing a few tutorials and online classes, and have set up a shoot for this weekend, wish me luck. If all else fails, I’ll just go back to regular lighting.

On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep? A bed…seriously. We even have a bed for camping (I don’t camp very often at all and only if I have no choice, but our blow up mattress is quite high (50cm) and very comfy. I also need a pillow, preferably my own, but not always possible when traveling. I also prefer peace and quiet, the lap of waves is comforting at first, but then I need to keep getting up to pee! 😛  and don’t get me started on loud children and construction, can’t stand either of those.

What is your greatest extravagance? Oh dear… I am afraid I am going to come off sounding quite entitled and bad on this one, there are so many.

  • I bought a new SUV for my photography because we needed something to go off-road with, but also for our driving holidays, which are part us…but to be honest mostly photography.
  • I took over the garage and converted into a home studio, for my photography, that probably includes everything IN my studio as well, lights, stands, backdrops, props and various other items.
  • Camera, I just bought my third! Does that also include my lenses?
  • My New PC, just bought a new monster, a few months ago. Built purposefully, yep you guessed it, for my photography.

See, I told you I am spoilt and it all sounds entitled, but I work hard, gives me the right to play hard, doesn’t it?

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Nature! For one glorious day, Mother Nature removed all the clouds, turned on the big bright overhead light, painted the sky such a pretty bright blue and painted a sprinkling of wildflowers. She even turned up the temperature. We grabbed our gear and headed country. I needed open space and fresh air and the sights and sounds of the country. Completely recharged my batteries and had me tired, relaxed and happy by the end of the day. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine for a really good night’s sleep!

~ Julz, xo