In the Studio with Chey Ann – Steam Punk

So far I have shared two of the studio shoots I did with Chey a few weeks back, Earth Goddess and Fairy-Tales, but I was very excited about this next one. Chey brought lots of accessories and clothes with her and my friend, Sue had loads of stuff in the studio, I took one look at Chey’s long coat and boots and jumped immediately to Steam Punk (Something I have been wanting to do for ages, but have not gotten around to it (time to remedy that!) so we found this cool old chair, the skeletons and skull (Yes very real) and fake pistols, and loads of lamps and lanterns, clocks, the dressing mirror and pearls. We hunted around for a top hat and goggles, and voila the scene was set. There was even a mannequin, along with a second jacket, hat & goggles!

Honestly! I have no idea how my mind works on the fly like that… Nude Steam Punk? Everyone LOVED the idea, especially Chey I think she had more fun than all of us…well maybe 🙂

I have since then been on a bit of an eBay binge and bought; Steam Punk flip aviator sunglasses and cool goggles, a Victorian choker (perfect for Steam Punk),  and a new bustle skirt, I think I have the perfect model, so when I get back from Bali, this will hopefully be one of my first shoots back. Just have to wait for my goodies to arrive!

~ Julz