Regular Random – Springtime Cherry Blossoms

A few years again we updated our gardens and one of the things I was very firm on was an ornamental fish pond in the front yard (Right in front of the loungeroom windows), and two weeping cherry blossom trees on either side, this was mainly to help block the harsh Summer sun in the mornings and then in Winter let in ALL the sunshine, plus I adore them. My whole garden is rock and native Australian plants, but this little pocket just works.

When my Weeping Cherry blossoms I know that Spring is really here and the warmer weather is coming, plus it is just so pretty. So I waited till pretty much the whole tree was in flower and then grabbed my new camera and spent five minutes capturing the beautiful and delicate flowers, no bees as yet, but I am sure they will be here soon.

Don’t forget to check out Desley page for rules and more pics.

~Julz, xo