Isnt technology amazing??

I’m currently sitting in an airppane at 40,000 feet above the far Western tip of Australia.  So far we have travelled over 2765km and still have 1714km to go before we hit our destination of Bali in Indonesia. Oir flight was delayed, but not too bad and not by ash cloud from a volcano threatening to erupt.

Do how do i know how and when and where I currently am? My dash board entertainment system.

I’m also listening to Ed Sherrin on my phone while typing this post. I also watched the classic and 1991 version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast….have been meaning to, ever since sileeimg the new one with Desley a few months ago. I actually  think I prefer the new one….gasp!!!

Desley also gave me the idea of writing in the plane. To be honest I am so tired I dont feel creative for a short story. But writing is comforting and takes my mind off the long boring flight. I was awake most of last night, I am flying into the unknown, into danger…i mean who flies towards an active volcanco? Me…and 100s of others on this flight, inlcuding Moths sister and brother in law (parents of the bride), they are in business class while we are squashed into cattle class πŸ˜‚

I can see row after row of people crammed into this tincan at 40,000 feet travelling at 570mph towards a volcano threatening to blow any minute, all watching movies, playing games, some are even working.  Across from me a guy (possibly in his 50s) watching DC movies….spiderman I think, while the guys next to me is creating spreadsheets. In front of me is a young couple and their baby, thank God for noise cancelling headphones and music lol. Moth? He’s reading, i was flipping through a magazine, but reading makes me even more sleepy. Moth can and frequently reads for hours, i am so out of practice, I rarely read these days. I guess when you’re as busy as I am, something has to give. I mean i watch a lot of tutorials and read stuff online, mostly blog posts of you wonderful people, but a whole book? Its been a while. Moth loaded 4 new books on my E-reader (yep more tech). I jusy have not pocked it up. Maybe I should try…i still have nearly 2 hours til landing and 1-2hours til we get to Ubud, where we are staying.

We eventually made it safe and sound….I’m off to explore Bali