Hello from Bali

I am sitting at breakfast watching the rain fall from the hotel balcony. Day 5 of our trip, we have seen a lot but very little, if that makes sense? Ubud is hill country and there are steps everywhere, it is also very hot and steamy….and this is considered a cooler part of the year! We have seen lots of temples, everywhere and we attended the full moon festival and cuddled and rode an elephant, watched cheeky monkeys. Seen coffee and rice plantations, visited and seen how they make silver and batik (cloth). We have even seen two volcanoes…one dormant and one very much alive. And we have barely scratched the surface.

Well, I must be off, today our driver is taking us to explore the west side of the island. We are seeing water temples lol…in the pouring rain πŸ˜‚