Leaving on a jet plane…

Well, that is it, I am currently sitting at Denpasar airport waiting to catch our flight home. For the most part, we were lucky, warm weather without being too hot (most days), only a few days of rain, no earthquakes or tsunami, and the volcano did not erupt. The locals have all been vigilant in their sacrifices and daily offerings, so I guess it worked.

We have seen a fair amount if the island without entering the restriction zones and stayed away from the main tourist stretches of Kuta and Seminyak. Although we did visit Tanah Lot on the north end of Kuta. We have been spoilt and treated graciously by the Balinese in general, without being hounded to insanity by hawkers and beggars, for the most part. We saw what locals referred to as the real Bali, up in the hinterlands and hilltop villages. We have seen long black and white sandy beaches and some amazing animals. I will write a post for each day, as I get through the photos.

I guess the questions remain, am I glad I went? Yes, it was enjoyable. If I had the choice over again, I still think I would have picked somewhere else. Would I ever go back? Honestly, I doubt it, but you never know. If someone offered me a free trip there all expenses paid, sure I’d say yes wouldn’t you??? 😛

So now I’ll go board my plane back to Australia and then get picked up by my daughter to go home to see the animals. I’ll speak to you all soon.

– Julz, xo