Our Bali Adventure – Day 3, Part 2

After visiting the Elephant Caves we drove up to the Mountains for a view out over Mount Bator and Lake Bator. The lake is the largest in Bali and the Mount is actually a live volcano, not the one making all the fuss, but it also erupted in 1963, at the same time as Mount Agung. You can still see the dark areas of volcanic rock down the sides of the hillside. If you look closely you can see just how close the villagers are currently living.

Mount Bator is the second tallest mountain in Bali after Mount Agung, which is just to the right of the first panorama shot, hidden by trees, but no smoke or anything being emitted on this day.

We then left and traveled to Tirtha Empul Holy Spring Temple, for the resurrection or purification and blessing in the springs. They pray and make their offering and then get in the water, they dip their head under the fountain from the first spot and work their way along the line. The come out the other side of the baths, purified and blessed. This is natural Spring water and they claim totally safe to drink from the spout (which they do – even our guide did), we have heard of the infamous Bali Belly and stuck to bottled water.

This temple is Unesco listed and a very holy and spiritual place. Everyone who enters must wear a sarong and a sash. I adore the bright colorful displays.

Our next stop was the Rice Terraces of Kintamani, now it is true, Bali is full of Rice Paddies and many of them are terraced, however rarely do you see them this high. Such a wonderful sight, and even though we did not walk through them, I was just as happy to sit from on high and photograph them.

As the sun was now getting quite low (as were our energy levels) we headed out to a little village of Bajar Adar Petulu Gunung to watch the White Herons come home to roost in the trees. There was a wonderful viewing platform where we could sit and watch with an icy cold Coke. My new camera has not made me any better at catching flying birds, but I did manage the ones sitting in the trees. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands coming home to roost, they spend their days in various other places, rice fields etc. and all come back to this village at night.

Finally, we made our way back to Ubud and our hotel, as we were so very tired, we walked the many steps from our room up to the hotel restaurant and tried some more local cuisine, the food, really was not much better than last night. While having our dinner it poured with rain and a fairly impressive light show, it did make getting back to our room a little wet!

I will leave you now and come back for another post on Day 4 – The Elephant Sanctuary

~ Julz

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