Gold and Silver Processing

While in Bali we visited several places a Batik Factory and Coffee and a Chocolate Plantation, and we also visited a Gold and Silver Smith workshop. We were guided through how the refind and make silver jewelry and we were given a pamphlet of the process. However, this particular establishment did rip us off with our purchases, so no shout out to them!

Note – Silver, Gold, Copper, gemstones, pearls, wood, animal bones and other material we got from the island of Borneo, and another island in Indonesia, because in Bali there is no precious metal mining.

Note – 100% pure silver is not good and not strong as jewelry so that 100% of pure silver we mix with 7.5% copper to product 92.5% silver (Sterling silver).

Part 1 – Smelting

100% pure silver and 7.5% copper we burn/melt together in a place until melted and then we print to silver block

Part 2 – Forming

The silver block we form again getting beaten way to wear thing with a hammer and milled in the milling machine and then we shape into the manufacture of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earring and other.

Part 3 – Decking

To attach silver ornaments (silver wire, silver balls) we use a special glue that is made from fruit piling-piling and with water and rub. Together to produce glue and glue is just as ornate as silver holder, then to make it more powerful, next process we solder.

Part 4 – Finishing

Before we process our jewelry we wash with soap and dry in sun all day.

There are three types of silver

A/ White silver process – Silver jewelry already we wipe dry with sour fruit and lemon and washes again five times so that it becomes white silver jewelry.

B/ Dark Silver Color (Antique) process –  We apply silver jewelry with liquid sulfur (AXID) and then burned to produce dark color.

C/ Silver Color (Natural) Process – Silver jewelry that has been cleaned, then our polish in the polish machine that produces shiny colors.

So what did we buy? I got an elephant bracelet and Hubby got a new ring.

~ Julz,

p.s. – again I have just copied what was on the pamphlet, please excuse any spelling and grammar.