Our Bali Adventure – Day 6

We again woke to more rain, we had a leisurely breakfast and then grabbed a coffee from across the street, while we waited for today’s driver who would take us to Bali Zoo. Lots of building work going on and many of the exhibits listed could not be seen, as to the animals that were on display, many were hiding from the rain. We did see a white tiger, bearcat (Binturong), deer, elephants, lemurs, meerkats, the gibbons, and orangutang were mostly hiding. We also saw lots of birds, we got soaked but it was not cold like the day before.

We went back to the hotel after lunch, for dry clothes and a cuppa, then hit the street markets to do some tourist shopping; it was out last night in Ubud. We wandered up and down the streets with stores selling just about anything you can imagine; wooden carvings, cloth, clothes, T-shirts, trinkets, jewelry, souvenirs and so many penises. It seems after some research they ward of evil spirits and can bring good luck. We bought a few bits and bobs, then grabbed a coffee and watched the ebb and flow of people and traffic in the streets. Our last dinner was just up the road from our hotel, so cheap and so yummy.

~ Julz

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